Admission Arrangements

Applications are made to each school
Please refer to each school’s website for full details.

Barlow Hall admits children into our Barlow Bears at aged 2.

Brookburn admits children into nursery from aged 3.

Parents and Carers should contact each school if they wish to place their child’s name on our nursery waiting list. Admission to nursery is based on age.

Putting your child’s name on the waiting list earlier does not mean they will get into the nursery earlier. Children’s names need to be on the nursery waiting list by the end of the Easter holidays, the term before they are due to start in nursery. Parents and Carers will be notified of a place before May half term holiday.

Once accepted for our nursery a home school transition programme will be organised for your child. This is run by the nursery team.

Admission arrangements for Reception aged children

Manchester local authority is responsible for admission of all reception places, including children who are already in our nursery. The local authority forms must be completed by parents by the nominated date in December the year before your child is due to start reception. A late application could result in you child not getting a place at the school of their choice. Parents who have a nursery place do not automatically get a place in reception at that school.

Admission arrangements for all other year groups 

Contact should be made with Manchester City Council Admissions Team on 0161 245 7166. The City Council will then notify school and children's names will be added to the school's waiting list. If places are available, the Council will notify parents who will then need to contact the school to complete admissions forms.

Admission criteria

In the event that places are oversubscribed the following criteria will be used to allocate places:

          1. Looked After Children.

          2. Siblings

          3. Distance from School


If your child is not allocated a place at your chosen school and you wish to appeal the decision you will need to contact Manchester City Council. For more information about the appealing a decision, or to find out more about applying for a school place, please use this link to the Manchester City Council website,